Storage Archeology

A couple days ago we visited Sabriena’s mom at her new house, then headed over to the old blue house to hunt through our stuff. Hampered by no power, three sets of stairs, and the potential for racoon inhabitants, we managed to dig out a fair bit of our things that were in storage and brought a truck load back to Shaina’s house to sort through it.

Most of it I don’t want any more, but I’m particularly interested in the old video game stuff. I did manage to track down Sabriena’s childhood SNES and several games - it’s missing the power supply, but as I recall it’s always been missing that since we moved to Indiana nearly a decade ago.

I also found my Dreamcast, which made me very happy, and after about 45 minutes of pot twiddling I managed to get it to boot a burned Sonic Adventure disc. I do have a stepdown convertor, which came with some confused eBay purchase or another and should be big enough to power the DC in Australia.

A fair amount of the stuff I kept (even after paring it out considerably) is just plain trash though, so I ended up throwing out about two thirds of it. Another trip is needed, as there’s still quite a bit of stuff I can’t find, but that’s a job for another day as I already managed to pass out (hopefully from exhaustion, though I think a doctor’s visit is warranted when we get back) so now I’m taking it easy.

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Montpelier, IN, 47359

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