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I heard back from the realtor a couple of times today: apparently the holdup with the section 32 is the non-compliant outdoor spa. They were told it might take a week or more to have a contractor bring it up to code, but the REA remembered us saying (when told it was likely non-functioning during the viewing) we’d probably pull it out, so we gave written confirmation that that was fine (a contractor to remove the spa would be much faster than one to bring it up to code and certify it) in the hopes the section 32 could be done tomorrow. Then he called back later to say that their conveyancer (Australian for property lawyer) said in that case they could just amend the contract so that we buy the property acknowledging the non-compliant spa and that removing it is our problem?

We don’t really care either way - we would almost certainly remove the spa ourselves if it’s still there when we settle, but if they removed it that would be a nice bonus for us… theoretically the spa is worth money if we didn’t damage it taking it out (people buy them, functioning or not), but that’s really just a consolation prize for the pain in the arse of removing it, filling the hole, and packing the dirt back down to put pavers over.

So the long and the short is the contracts may be ready tomorrow after all, but with our conveyancer looking at them I think it’s unlikely they’re signed before the weekend. I can already tell there’s going to be a few weeks of sleepless nights. The good news is that all the paperwork is squared away for the mortgage, just waiting on the contracts and then the main application can be submitted.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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