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Note: This is an historic entry originally published on Hungry Hacker, which I moved here instead.

On my birthday (the 15th) my wonderful wife got me a powertool - a cordless drill to be exact. I was going to link to the exact one she got me, but Home Depot’s website is kinda homo and doesn’t have a “send this link to a friend” function, and copying/pasting a URI doesn’t work. Anyway, Sabs got me a power tool - we’re becoming more like my parents.

In return, for Sabs’ birthday (the 17th), I built a rat cage for the boys using the gift she got me! She also got two more rats (the last two for a while, hopefully) and some other stuff as well.

Then, this morning, to top it all off… We got fish! Yep, the tank that the poor boys were crowded into for so long was finally empty, so while they were enjoying their spacious abode, I cleaned the tank and replaced all the silicone sealant they’d eaten away from the corners. This morning, after the sealant cured, I filled the tank with water and checked for leaks, then bought some sacrificial fish to drop into it.

The feeder fish didn’t die, and in fact seem really active and happy. So we dropped our other three fish and all the snails that were still alive in there, set up the filter and everything and got some gravel for the bottom of it. I still need a light (I went trashing and found one, but it didn’t work so I put it back where I got it), and some stuff for the fish to mess around in, but it’s looking good!

I’ll post pictures of the fish and rat-mansion v2 when I get a chance.

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Sacramento, CA 95826, USA

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