Office renovations: part 3

Unable to leave well enough alone after the last batch of renovations, I went ahead and bought the materials for some shelving on Friday and spent the weekend putting most of it together.

I made a bunch of measurements, drew up some plans, and then bought four sheets of 19mm plywood. I could have saved some money using chipboard or MDF, but I’ve not had the greatest luck with those and I wanted this to be strong. I could also have gone with dress timber, but that would have significantly inflated the cost and I don’t have the cabinet-making skills to not fuck it up, so this is a happy middle-ground.

As of tonight the bottom half is together and painted with primer, while I decide what colour to do it. The top half I actually miscounted (changing my mind part way through of how I would do it) and lack the material to finish properly. But it’s in, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s solid.

I originally wanted to do something like a tenon joint for the shelving, but after trying a couple of experiments on scrap I don’t really have the gear - or the skills to use the gear I have - for this, so I ended up just doing a partial slot on each board (about 20% on the horizontals and 80% on the verticals) and it slots together like a puzzle piece. I was slightly inaccurate (I think my tape measure is not very good, poor crafstman and all that) on some of them but it’s nothing that can’t be filled.

Most importantly, everything came out straight and level, and it should stay that way for many years to come.

I also bought some lighting for it… 5 meters of RGB tape and a Tuya-powered controller that I’m sure I won’t regret one bit. I’m nowhere near ready to light it, but it was there so I grabbed it. We’ll see how it goes.

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