Gariwerd, Part Two

Up bright and early this morning. None of us exactly had a stellar night’s sleep, the mattresses in the place were very cheap, but whatever (while I’m complaining, there’s no phone service in most of the park and the advertised wifi was non-functioning last night and crashed this morning - the access point didn’t even show up in the list of APs).

Ducked in to Halls Gap to the bakery for some breakfast. $11AUD got us a coffee scroll, an apple scroll, and Duncan had a chocolate filled roll of some sort, which I thought was pretty good for a tourist trap near easter.

Cheese!We then headed out to Sundial carpark, and hiked up to the Lakeview Lookout, then around to the pinnacle from that side. I think that puts us having completed both sides of the pinnacle (we did Wonderland last time), but I’m not sure on that. I am almost certain we’ve parked in the main carpark at Halls Gap and hiked up from there, but if we did I sure didn’t write it down, so we’ll still do that.

We’ve got plenty of shit planned for the future anyway: Sabriena wants to go out at least once and hike up pre-dawn, to watch the sunrise from the top, plus there’s an “adventurous” hike to the pinnacle that we’d like to do, but given that it’s about 5.5 hours round trip and we’d walked around the zoo and mini golf yesterday it was not happening this time. Plus there’s numerous shorter hikes like the Venus baths and so on that we’ve not yet done. So I don’t think we’ll have to find somewhere else to go just yet.

We got back to the car around 11am, so in to Halls Gap one last time for some Ice Cream and some fudge, something of a tradition now… I didn’t write down the fudge last time, but we’ve definietly done it before. This time we got creme brulee, salted caramel, cappucino, lemon meringue, and butterscotch.

Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia fwaggle



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Halls Gap VIC 3381, Australia

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