Ballarat Model Train Expo

Signal Strength post-change A couple of years ago in 2013 we went to the model train exhibition in Ballarat (Incidentally, we took a bunch of photos of it, but I don’t appear to have written about it), and Dad rang me up wednesday to ask if we wanted to go again. Sabriena’s been on medication lately and didn’t feel like going, but I told him I’d ask Duncan - and Duncan wanted to go.

So this morning him and I set out on the two-hour journey to Ballarat to check it out. This year it was in the farm college on Norman St, what we thought was going to be an upgrade… but I’m pretty sure there was actually less people displaying trains there than when we went in 2013. Duncan still enjoyed it, and I got to play with our long-neglected camera for once.

Afterwards, we went back to Mum and Dad’s for lunch, and I took a look at the motor for his tablesaw which has been acting up. We figured it was brushes, but it turns out it’s an induction motor by the look of things. Upon taking it apart, it looks to be quite old - I’m guessing it’s at least 5hp as it’s huge compared to most electric motors, and it’s made by CMG who were in Sydney and still exist in some form. The capacitor seems to be functioning, but we can’t find a model number or anything on the motor itself.

Dad’s going to try and get some more information about it and find out what might be wrong with it, but I’m concerned it’s going to need rewinding… while it’s probably well worth the cost, I’m not sure Dad can justify it when he has other table saws to use.

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Ballarat, VIC, Australia

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