To Valheim!

A few weeks ago Sabriena, and my cousin both came at me with the same game - what was essentially described as “viking minecraft”. It sounded okay, but I have plenty to play so I wasn’t actually intending on buying it.

Then after Sabriena bought it I took a bit of a look at it and decided to go ahead and do so anyway. It turns out about six of us have been playing it non-stop since then.

It’s weird, there’s really not anything about this game that’s in any way significant or unique. The crafting’s fairly well done but lots of other games have done it better. The combat is fairly glitchy, the movement isn’t super great. The weather effects are quite pretty, as the game is fairly stylized so it doesn’t look like ass considering the graphics aren’t exactly Cyberpunk 2077 quality. The world is quite massive, but fairly repetitive and the procedurally generated terrain is the typically nonsensical at times, as pretty much all procedurally generated terrain is.

But there’s just something about it, we play it most nights lately on a persistent server. We’ve sailed all over the place, farmed tons of iron and other precious metals and as of tonight are three out of five bosses down.

While there’s quite a number of bugs (I actually got bitten by one where my inventory contents disappeared!) it’s definitely worth playing.

Horsham, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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