Cape Nelson Lighthouse

Out to Portland for another job today, and it got delayed. It was rainy all day, meaning Duncan really didn’t get to do much outside, until very late in the evening when it dried up. The playgrounds were all still wet, so we set off to look for the local lighthouse at Cape Nelson.

Cape Nelson PhotosphereI figured it’d be windy there (it is, after all, a great site for a wind farm) but I wasn’t really prepared for how windy it was on the cape. I tried to capture a panorama, and the results were not exactly spectacular - Android has a really hard time stitching the images when the camera shakes so much.

Sabriena took a bunch of photos with the camera, something she hasn’t done in quite some time, and many of them are far better.

The wind whistled through the railing at the top of the lighthouse, and sadly the lighthouse was closed for tours when we were there so we had a look out along the cape. This soon turned out to be a wet and windy mistake, as we were chased back to the van by a storm that you could see flying in off the sea.

We made it back to the van in the nick of time, such that we didn’t get wet - but it was close.

Cape Nelson, Victoria, Australia



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Cape Nelson, Victoria, Australia

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