Bauhn Android Tablet 44809

This morning I picked up a dash cam (NavMan MyVue 358, more on that another day) but I didn’t really feel like buying a new micro SD card when the huge one from my Motorola is still kicking around… but where?

Then it dawned on me, it’s in the Droid2Global that Duncan is using for games. That’s okay, he won’t notice it’s gone and that phone’s almost buggered anyway, right? Wrong - it turns out several of his games will only install to the SD card for some reason… I’m not sure why, Sabriena is in charge of that.

So since the phone wasn’t much good for him anymore, we ended up picking him up one of the new tablets Aldi has on sale - it’s labeled Bauhn Android Tablet 44809.

The first thing I noticed immediately is that the screen, while fine enough and the colors seem okay, is absolutely appalling brightness on even the highest setting. It’s virtually unusable on a sunny day unless you go inside (or inside the van in Duncan’s case). The speakers are also terribly quiet.

Later on we noticed that it gets quite warm when the Wifi chip is enabled - that’s a pretty trivial fix, disabling it is probably a good idea when a 3-year-old is using it anyway.

Finally, several of the games that are ad supported (which getting rid of them is a great idea since a lot of them refuse to work with Wifi off) will hang occasionally, which we’ve attributed to certain ads. Purchasing or downloading ad-free software resolves this issue.

On the plus side, it’s reasonably quick and the experience is extremely close to stock AOSP, which makes me happy. It plays most of the games Duncan wants to play, the ones it doesn’t are quickly forgotten, and with the tablet accessories pack that Aldi also sell, the angled charger connects straight to the car charger and it’s not constantly dying or breaking micro-USB cables.

Update: Like just about everything else that’s made by Medion, this device ended up being a piece of shit. It overheats and hangs pretty much constantly.

Horsham VIC 3400, Australia



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Horsham VIC 3400, Australia

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