A couple of weeks ago I spent way too long on the PC… on the Friday I worked all day, then played games with my cousin until the wee hours of the morning resulting in probably well over 15 hours total staring at the screen with almost no breaks (we went out to grab dinner after work and that was it).

Over the weekend I suffered through it by watching YouTube all day every day (you guessed it, at my PC) and by Monday it was pretty unbearable. I worked through what I could, then gave up and started looking in to make a doctor’s appointment. As my vision was slightly blurry too, I was getting a bit concerned but I reasoned that probably the first place to start would be an eye test, so I rang around and found an optometrist who could squeeze me in ASAP.

It turns out that like most of the males in my family tree, I need glasses. My right eye is extremely poor, has probably been that way for some time, but my left eye has been covering for it. This is fine until the eye gets exhausted, as seemed to be the case. After a couple days light duty (mainly staring out the window more often than working) the issues went away, but I’d ordered glasses to suit and wasn’t about to not use them.

They arrived today, and after some adjustments to the shape of them I’m getting used to them.

Update 2021-03-01: It took a couple weeks of getting used to them, and I actually got concerned and went back for a follow-up checkup, but nope the prescription is still correct. I’m getting the hang of them now though - the main concern was that they sat too far down my face which annoyed me, but the optometrist soon fixed that.

I’m at the point now where sometimes I’ll forget I’m wearing them, so I guess that’s a good sign? And of course no more headaches.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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