UPS: My NMC is here!

A while back on a trip out to my folks’ place, Greg gave me a monster UPS. I’m still unable to use it, Baz has been booked out and we were waiting for a cancellation where he’d just drop by whenever someone else bailed on him, and thus far no one has. He’s pencilled me in for a date in December when he can come by, so I just have to wait.

In the meantime, I found a mislabelled (no “Eaton” or anything, just a part number: MGE 66102) network card for it on eBay for $45 shipped. I ummed and ahhed on it for a bit, with it on my watchlist, when eBay sent me a coupon that brought it down to $27, so I bought it. Now it is the EOL model, not the gigabit one… but who needs gigabit for SNMP? If there are any security concerns with it I’ll put it on it’s own VLAN, but I’m not aware of any major issues and it’s not like I’ll expose it to the internet. Furthermore, to buy the gigabit card brand new is some $500AUD, and used is not much cheaper.

Anyway, it arrived today, and after work I stuffed it in the machine and… nothing. Wait, there it is, after some three minutes it boots up (later I found in the manual that is normal) but the IP it’s using is unusual, seems to be manually set:

So I threw it on it’s own VLAN, and set that VLAN to and set up routing for it and… it responds to pings! But nothing else? Weird. After a bit of looking around for how to reset it, I tried resetting the UPS itself to no avail, which was unfortunate because now the UPS won’t stay on until after it’s plugged into mains. I can test it by holding the power button down though, I just need to hold it down the entire time which sucks.

Looked up how to make a serial cable for it - found a page that describes several. Easy enough, I cut an ethernet cable in half, and pin 4 (blue on this cable) is GND and pins 3 and 6 (green and green+white, not sure which is which any more to be honest) are TX + RX. Found some cables, hooked it up to my APU, set up cu to speak at 9600 baud, and held the power button down… nothing. Whoops, I pushed the wires into the only female DE-9 cable I had, and it’s a crossover cable, so I swapped the TX and RX pins around and there it is:

root@tim3r:/ # cu -l ttyu0 -s 9600


Commercial reference : NetworkMS
Kitting technical level : 21
Kitting revision : JH
Ethernet MAC Address : 00:20:85:EB:B8:79
Serial number : 301G02754

To force the upgrade mode, type 'y', then press ENTER

Decompress application in RAM
Run the application

Press a key to display the Rescue Menu

Network connection with static IP mode...
  IP address : OMMITTED

IP configuration :
  IP address :
  Subnet mask :
  Gateway :
Network configuration succeded
Parse the Configuration descriptor
Start the Web Server in HTTP mode (0).

I’ve ommitted the link-local IPv6 address, because it’s based off the MAC address of the NMC… not sure that’s actually an issue, but just in case.

Anyway, you can see the issue there - it’s not on a /24, it’s a /20, and I never would have guessed that gateway IP, I set mine to Why did it respond to pings? Absolutely no idea on that one. Oh well, I reset the network configuration so it would pull it from DHCP, then restarted the card and it came up.

Had a quick try to get the card to force the UPS to stay on - no luck, so I’ll just have to wait until it’s wired up and I shift the rack over in place, but it’s enough to say the card works.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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