Droid 2 Global on Telstra

I managed to pick up a damaged Droid2Global before we left the states, and sell off my Droid X because it would be a brick if we got out here. I’m kinda glad we didn’t get the insurance on it, because i took such great care of that phone it’d have been a waste - I’m sure the new owner will love it. The D2G turned out to be easily fixable by SBFing back to stock and re-upgrading to Gingerbread, so I actually got a great deal on it.

I ended up using it the last 2 weeks on Verizon with CyanogenMod on it, which I adored. Upon our arrival to Australia, my Dad had arranged to get us a couple of Telstra (the only network with reliable service where they live) SIM cards which I tried to activate in the D2G without much luck.

I ended up figuring out that CyanogenMod wasn’t asking me for the SIM unlock code (Verizon subsidize the phone, so you have to ask their permission to use the SIM slot), so I SBFed back again and entered the code without issue and I was able to call and text, but no data.

It took me a couple days of Googling to figure out that Telstra have a smartphone configuration site - I put my details in as having a Milestone 2 (apparently the closest relative to the D2G) and it sent the configuration over. Still nothing.

I tried again from a desktop PC with wifi off on the phone, and suddenly the 3G came up. I ended up putting it on GSM only, because it doesn’t seem any slower than Verizon and the UTMS eats battery like noone’s business.

It’ll take some getting used to with not having unlimited texting and data, but so far i’m liking it. I haven’t tried CM7 again now the SIM on the radio is unlocked, but I may give that a shot. In fact now I think of it, simply sending the config over from Telstra’s website may have done the trick.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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