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I spent tonight doing some maintenance on my blog - I found several typos and grammatical errors, along with a couple of posts I meant to add photos to and never got around to going back and doing it. I ended up touching a surprising number of files:

$ git status | grep '/' | wc -l

I certainly didn’t mean to stay up this late, but at least a few half-done entries are now completed. I know if I go back to look at them in several years’ time, I’d be pretty ticked off at myself if I wanted something that wasn’t there.

In other news, Flickr are changing their pro deal, to something that doesn’t really suit us. Flickr has served us well - Grog asked me recently why I don’t just host my own pictures, but I’ve never been entirely happy with that. I don’t need the control over it, I just need the picture hosting to be reliable and fast. Hosting them on my own machine means the pictures suffer from what is inevitably a 100mbps upload at best. Flickr and the like have a great CDN for this purpose, and the resulting thumbnails load substantially quicker (even with the extra DNS lookups).

But since all we want is a CDN and what is essentially a scripted Image Magick, and Flickr are changing their Pro accounts in a couple years, it’s not really going to work that well for us since it’ll no longer be unlimited. Indeed, it’ll be rather spendy, and the absolute best thing about Flickr is the social network aspect of it, which we do not use at all.

So I looked around at various other options, including Picasa. Picasa is weird in that it’s rather clumsy if you don’t use the Picasa desktop tool and from a cursory play with it it’s become apparent that we’ll have to alter our camera workflow to use it in a sane manner. But what currently costs us $50USD/year would be $5/year at Picasa, and I’ve got an ample amount of free storage already for participating in a couple of Google’s promotions (drinking the kool-aid helps, it seems), so it seems for at least a few years it won’t cost anything to use Picasa.

It looks like there’s also a couple of scripts that allow you to move your photos from Flickr to Picasa with zero effort… of course not counting the substantial effort of going through this blog and updating all the hyperlinks, which is precisely the reason I stopped looking.

Hey, I’ve got a year, right?

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