SNES Mini!

My wife decided to splurge and buy dinner, and while we were out I thought I’d just check and see if EB Games happened to have any of the SNES Classic Mini left over. The NES ones were hard to find, so I didn’t like my chances, but as it turned out they’d had a preorder cancel, so I grabbed it up. I was going to buy an extra controller, not realizing that they came with two, but as it turned out they didn’t have anything but aftermarket junk and the very nice (but expensive) wireless ones, so I passed. Lucky I did, as when I got home and realized it came with two controllers already, I’d have been wanting to return them.

I’ve never used the NES mini, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it basically does what it says on the box. I’m told these are trivially hacked to add more games to them, but I don’t think I’ll bother. The controllers plug into a Wiimote, and work flawlessly on the Wii emulators, which have the added bonus of being able to copy savegames to/from snes9x - so Sabriena can pick up her Chrono Trigger game where she left off.

The controllers are nearly flawless… they’re not quite the correct weight and the texture of the shell is ever so slightly wrong. They’re quite good though, the buttons feel excellent and playing it on the Wii is definitely the way to go on a modern TV (no horrific deinterlacing of the 240p signal). Though I think I would still like either a Framemeister or an OSSC, and I will still buy cartridges when they’re cheap enough.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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