PC Parts! and a 3DS!

Jealousy from Shaina’s new PC has set in, so I finally got off my arse this weekend out to Mum’s to pick up an old PC case I’m trading off my sister - I swapped her a bunch of NDS games for it, so we both did rather well.

It’s a pretty old case, but not bad in my humble opinion: it’s a Coolermaster CM690 (the original one, not the II or III). Four cooling fans in it, below-the-board cable management and a bunch of other neato things. Now to start thinking about other parts to go in it - I really want to spring for an i7, as I’ll be doing more than just gaming on it and for once I’d like to build a PC that I’ll be happy with for at least a couple of years, but unless I can find some work soon the budget is a bit tight for that (doable, but tighter than I’d like).

Suspiciously, a couple of YouTube videos I found made it look like the specific i7 I was looking at will play GTA5 almost as well as my current laptop, with merely the onboard video. Crazy!

3DSAnyway, before we left Mum and Dad’s we stopped by a swap meet at Clunes which they were attending, and ended up hanging out for almost two hours because Duncan was having fun (and scored a free lunch out of it too). I happened to ask some folks what they wanted for a 3DS that was on the table, and despite the fact the price was more than reasonable it was a tiny bit more than I had on me, so as they were leaving I decided to ask if they’d take the sixty bucks I had, and they said yes. It was a fantastic price (I’d later learn I can take it into EB Games and get $130 trade-in value for it), but was still a gamble as the unit didn’t power on when I looked at it. Turned out the battery was just flat, as when I got home it played on the charger just fine.

I’m not sure if I want to keep the 3DS or flip it. I like the idea of having one, but Duncan doesn’t seem terribly interested in playing anything with me. I played a game for an hour or so the night I got it, and it’s quite uncomfortable for me to hold compared to say a PS4 controller. Since I can get a pretty fair amount for it, maybe I should chalk it up to good fortune and sell it on? Duncan already has his (they’re identical) that I can use (albeit being forced to use his Nintendo ID, but I don’t think that matters). Not sure yet.

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