House Inspection

Our property manager came along today, perfectly prompt, to check the house out on behalf of our landlord. She had some minor gripes, for example the lawn on the nature strip was long in places and I hadn’t edged along by the back fence - but in my defense (and which she fully acknowledged), the lawn’s been too wet to cut for weeks, and I certainly wasn’t using an electric lawn trimmer to edge the lawn when it’s wet.

Other than that, it went completely uneventfully. I spent hours cleaning up the shed, which she didn’t even enter.

I did fill out a maintenance request form, as we’ve noticed the hot tap in the bathroom leaks when it’s turned on. The bathroom sink is really the most problematic area of the entire house, it seems we’re always having trouble with it. Yet again, it looks like something dead simple (pretty sure it’s just the top washer) but I’m not supposed to touch it, so the landlord has to pay for it. After a cursory look, it seems the bathroom doesn’t have shutoff valves below the taps, so I suspect we’ll be without water for a half hour whenever the plumber comes around.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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