New Toy: Home Theatre Receiver

Ever since we left the USA, I’ve missed my Yamaha 5.1 AV receiver. It was tremendously old, no HDMI or anything… not sure if Shaina and Flip kept it or junked it or what, but yeah… I loved it, it filled up a room extremely well.

But for some reason, Australians seem to think they’re worth a bundle. I mean they are, brand new, the absolute bargain basement things start at about A$500! But it’s very unlikely you’d see one for less than about $200 for just the receiver itself.

So I saw one a little bit out of town for well inside my fun budget, and figured I’d go have a look at it. It’s a very low-end Yamaha, basically the cheapest one they currently sell, and per the owner they bought it because they thought theirs had died, turned out it hadn’t, so they used it as a shed stereo with the speakers that they bought at a garage sale.

The speakers are “AVC”, what appears to be JB-Hifi’s entry-level stuff from a few years ago, but upon closer inspection they’re trashed. The foam surrounds on the centre channel and surround speakers are torn to shreds to the point they’re unusable. The two fronts are okay, but probably not far from going themselves. The subwoofer’s amp popped, so they had it hooked up to the centre channel in an extremely questionable way.

But the receiver itself checked out okay, and I lowballed them on account of the speakers will probably go straight to the tip, and came away with a ~A$500 receiver for A$150.

It’s presently in my office, where the fronts are much too big, but that’s okay because they’re tip-bound at some point. It’s running in 2-channel mode, which suits me fine. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something nice to replace them with, hopefully something a little less “oppressive” if we decide to put it in the living room, but whether we do that remains to be seen.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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