Christmas Again

This Christmas turned out pretty good really - Christmas is a lot easier when you’ve got money.

Duncan got just about everything he wanted, including a skateboard which we found at an op-shop for $5. The majority of his other Christmas wish-list consisted of things for Disney Infinity, which serves double-duty as a gift for my wife as well. I quite enjoyed the Pirates part of the game, but I’m about over playing it… they both still enjoy it though.

Duncan also wanted a “Frank” - his name, taken from Cars, for any sort of combine harvester. Mum managed to find one at a toy store in St Arnaud - not a licensed Cars one, but it made him happy nonetheless.

My grandmother came up for Christmas dinner, arriving around lunchtime Christmas Eve and leaving Christmas Day. Dinner was great, as usual.

Sabriena and I both got, as a joint present it turns out (which is a good thing, because I have used it more than she has so far) a digital SLR: a Canon EOS Rebel T3. It’s very much a beginner DSLR, and as it turns out we didn’t get the IS lens for it and may have over paid by $30 or so, but we’re extremely happy with it so far.

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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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