Duncan Parent-teacher interview

On the way home from Red Lion yesterday, Duncan’s teacher called to ask if we wanted to schedule a parent teacher interview tomorrow. I took this to mean that she had something that was a concern, so I asked Sabriena to make an appointment. I also thought it might be a good time to bring up the fact that we’ve heard stories about fighting: a little bit of scrapping here and there isn’t a big deal, and someone else bullying Duncan is something we can deal with but the idea of our son being a bully is absolutely unacceptable!

Anyway, it was scheduled this morning at 10:30, and it went rather well. The fighting stories were basically just a combination of Duncan embellishing and our panic running away on us (really nothing to be concerned about at this point, preps are wont to test boundaries I guess) and he’s doing rather well academically.

I had also brought up the cursive writing - all the exercises we’ve done at home are based around print, and I’m not personally a big fan of cursive. Apparently the school follows Victorian curriculum to the T in that respect, but I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.

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