r.i.p. moocintosh :(

well… :(

i spent three days fucking with my cute little macintosh se/30 i’d named ‘moocintosh’, and in three short days i’d not only customized mac os system 6 to my liking, learnt it basically inside and out (with the exception of programming it, i suck at assembly), and even got the fucking thing to speak tcp/ip and get it online (bad photos of it running bitchx under ncsa telnet 2.6 can be found here)…

i was in the middle of a ram upgrade (1mb was barely enough to run stuffit expander, i had some spare 4mb lying around so i figured i’d upgrade) - when my hand slipped, and knocked the little nipple shaped section of glass off the end of the cathode ray tube… a quick hiss of a collapsing vacuum and i knew i’d fucked it.. so i gutted the mainboard and hard disk, and threw the rest away :(

so after three days, i’ve got nothing but experience left. so i’m gonna write up some system 6 tutorials from scratch, make the software that i found available for download, and that’s basically all i can do until i acquire another mac se to resurrect moocintosh…

in other news… i haven’t had much time to do any work on mooircd as of late, and it’s really kinda pissing me off.. a lot of people keep complaining that certain things don’t work… for god’s sake people, it’s a development ircd - and a hobby of mine to boot.. nothing more. it’s unfair of you to expect it to work first go, and then to expect help from me when it doesn’t… even worse, to expect me to jump when you find a bug… if ircx means that much to you, learn c and fix the bug yourself, and i’ll make you a mooircd developer…

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Sacramento, CA, USA

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