Home again!

After a very long plane ride, we’re finally home again. The Delta rep that checked us in erroneously told us that we’d collect our luggage in Melbourne, and since we cleared customs in Melbourne instead of Sydney last time it seemed to make sense. Luckily, the Virgin people impressed upon us that we’d collect our luggage and clear customs in Sydney, before transferring to Melbourne.

All the stuff we brought home appears to have arrived unscathed, which is nice, though there was some superficial damage to the outside of one suitcase. That’s what suitcases are for though right?

Mum and Dad picked us up in our car, we arranged things so that they’d meet us in the temporary pickup area so they’d avoid having to pay for parking. We were going to go visit Grandma, but she was being released from the physical rehabilitation centre before we’d get there, and her house was significantly further away that would make getting through Melbourne on a Friday afternoon very problematic so we cancelled that idea. We’ll just have to find some time to drive back through there again (several hundred kilometers round trip) before the school holidays end.

We went back to Mum and Dad’s place for a quick visit and a coffee before heading on to home by ourselves. I wasn’t 100% in favor of the idea of driving back on jetlag, but it didn’t seem fair to ask Dad to do it then have to get back to his place. I wasn’t sleepy for much of the way, and we took frequent breaks which I think helped.

Duncan was so tired, we ended up relenting and letting him nap for about 20 minutes before we reached Horsham, after which he was rather difficult to wake up. Once out of the car, he took a bath, played with some toys for a bit, then took an early bed time. We’re hoping by staying awake on Australian time, we can avoid the worst of the jetlag (as we managed to do that going the other direction, which is supposed to be worse).

Before leaving I was issued a “green card” by USCIS, but doing a bit of research I’m concerned that they might cancel it by us returning to Australia. At this stage we’re not 100% sure where we want to live, and we couldn’t afford to stay on any longer in the USA (paying for rent the entire time in Australia, while not earning any money) while I sorted out the travel document. While I wouldn’t mind staying here, I also wouldn’t mind moving back to somewhere on the west or southern halves of the USA (ie, not Indiana) and it would be a kick in the guts to have that option taken from us.

I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and see if they cancel it or not.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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