Fishing at Tullaroop

Duncan won a fishing rod a while ago, and we’ve been fishing twice but there’s only so much you can learn about fishing from the internet. Last week we went out to Mum and Dad’s and we were going to go fishing then, but my sister’s kids didn’t have their gear, so we arranged to do it today.

We left Sabriena at home and trekked out there last night, where I had the shittiest night’s sleep ever on the couch but Duncan slept quite adequately on the air mattress, after staying up late playing Terraria with Cody (that’s the fifth copy of that game we’ve bought now). After breakfast and waiting unsuccessfully for my sister to meet someone about a horse, we left and headed to Tullaroop just after lunch.

It turns out the internet can mostly prepare you for fishing after all, we weren’t really doing that much wrong. Didn’t catch anything (except Duncan and I found a bivalve mollusc of some sort), but I attribute that to the wrong time of day. Concerningly, we found a line of algae that may or may not have been cyanobacteria (it has been found in Tullaroop before), so we probably wouldn’t have done much with anything we did catch. Will keep an eye on Duncan for rashes, and also likely wash off the fishing gear when we get back to some good, chlorinated Horsham water.

Red Lion, VIC, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion, VIC, Australia

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