Hot water heater

We always do this, procrastinate something too long and then get stuck in an emergency situation… ironic considering I’m basically a chronic worry-wart!

Anyway, just before lunch today, Sabriena turned the hot tap on and commented that it “sounded funny”, as if there were air in the lines. Uh oh, I’m pretty sure I know what that is. So I head out to the back of the house, and sure enough there’s a steamy cloud surrounding our water heater.

So I turn the taps to it off (gas + water) and go call the local plumbing mob.

We’ve known about this since we moved in basically, so given that it’s been in excess of a year we’ve done alright, but we really should have replaced this thing already. Indeed, part of the reason we pushed to get the switchboard upgraded was so that we’d have the requisite stuff in place to do this.

But the timing was really unfortunate, we had two big expenses coming up in August, so we figured we’d push this out till September/October, and of course the unit decided it wasn’t going to wait that long and here we are.

So the plumbing manager from Wade’s came out almost immediately (about 15 minutes after I called), had a look, and laid out the options. Long story short, in order to maintain the current heating capacity we have, we were looking at quite a wait (well into the middle of next week) for an electric system, but another gas one they could put in for today.

I’m not sure when we’ll do the second phase of the solar setup, but I imagine it will be some years, so I reluctantly agreed to replacing the unit with the exact same thing, only 19 years newer (that’s a fair run for it I think). Hopefully this isn’t the sort of thing where 12 months from now I regret it, but anyway, we had hot water again by this afternoon.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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