The Lego Scavenger Hunt

Lego!Saturday morning we took the car in to have the brakes serviced… on our way back home last week, Sabriena stepped on the brakes and there was a horrible grinding noise. Fuck, I know exactly what that is. I’ve been super-slack on one of the most important maintenance checks of the car, and now it’s time to pay for it… the rotor’s ground to shit! In to Supercheap Auto immediately after, and I picked up a rotor and a set of rear pads. After work one evening, I threw everything on the offending corner, and then it promptly squealed like shit when coming to a stop every time thereafter.

Rather than try work out why, I decided to just pay someone that knows what they’re doing to do it right (again, pretty important the brakes work correctly!). I have money, I’m not stuck in a “figure it out or else” situation, so why mess around with it? I’ll do the fun, risk-free tasks instead. So long story short, saturday morning the appointment rolled around (just in time too, with the shit weather coming in, not using the car was getting more and more difficult) - which left Sabriena and I with a couple of hours to kill (Duncan was spending the night at Lincoln’s house). As it turned out, the other side rear rotor was below the minimum thickness anyway, so being cheap didn’t actually cost more in the long run - both rotors needed replacing regardless!

We wandered around various shops, spending money on stupid shit like clothes and a travel case for my Nintendo Switch. Then into K-mart because we still had about a half hour to go, and we happened to stroll through the Lego aisles. There we found a set at a pretty steep markdown, I’m not sure why… the box was dinged. But it was #60167 - Coast Guard Head Quarters at about half the retail price. It was the only one marked down, and after pondering for a bit we decided to pick it up.

After contemplating putting it back for Christmas, we decided to just say screw it and let Duncan have it after he came home. Then in the morning, I came up with a fun idea: let’s make him do a scavenger hunt for it! I came up with several cryptic clues, eventually leading to the box but starting in the bag of groceries we were about to head out to buy. Sabriena rewrote the clues on little pieces of paper, which we rolled up and tied with string and hid in the appropriate locations, each leading to the next. We stuck the original clue in the grocery bags, went shopping, then picked Duncan up.

Duncan cheerfully helped us put away the groceries, during which he stumbled upon the clue and the hunt began. It took a little while, the second last clue being particular cryptic but he eventually figured it out. I put up the rest of the groceries, and then sat down to help him build it.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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