I’m not a criminal!


Of course I already knew that, but we just got back the background check for me from the AFP, which I now need to forward to the immigration department for Sabriena’s paperwork. I’m still waiting on the reports to come back from the FBI in the USA, since we both spent a significant amount of time there.

We also got Sabriena set up on temporary Medicare, which while we’re hoping not to use it is still a huge load off our minds. It’s the first time as a family we’ve all had medical coverage at the same time, and I think that’s pretty terrible.

It took us two trips to Ballarat to organize the Medicare though. I’d called in advance to figure out what paperwork to bring in, and they basically told us to bring in some ID and the paperwork from Immigration. I was going to instinctively bring our entire folder with all our “important papers”, but Sabriena hates that I carry our entire life’s paperwork around with me so I didn’t.

It turns out that they do actually need to see our marriage certificate too, so we wasted a trip out to Ballarat. Oh well, at least it’s over with.

Red Lion, VIC



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Red Lion, VIC

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