King of the Mountain

Now defunct nature park at Mount PanoramaTonight we ended up in “bogan mecca”, Mt Panorama. 

Much of the track is actually public roads, and there was apparently a nature park at the top of the mountain so we decided to go up and have a look. 

It turns out that there’s not so much nature in the nature park - we didn’t have to pay to get in, but it’s just as bloody well. The thing was empty except for bird life, it looks like parts were being rebuilt but most of it was trashed. I wondered aloud if they shipped all the animals out except for the race weekend, but then again most who would make the trek to the race probably aren’t umm… interested… in seeing a nature park that’s a walk down a very steep mountain?

Playground at Brock’s skyline There’s a rather nice playground at the top of the mountain (behind “Brock’s Skyline”), so we let Duncan run around a bit while I worked out where we were going next.

Afterwards, we went down to the starting line and drove around the race track just because… I mean I was there, so I pretty much had to right? I can honestly say that in the absence of not knowing that someone’s not coming the other way, 60~80km/h is plenty fast enough for the circuit. It’s pretty awe-inspiring to think people go easily double that around it.

LOT 10 Mt Panorama Scenic Rd, Mt Panorama NSW 2795, Australia



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LOT 10 Mt Panorama Scenic Rd, Mt Panorama NSW 2795, Australia

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