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Yesterday while tootling around town burning up gasoline, we saw a garage sale. It looked like it was mostly baby junk so we weren’t even going to stop, but we decided to anyway. It turns out they had a little IBM Aptiva with a sticker labeled “$10, works”. It had a DVD-ROM in it, which led me to believe it’d be at least fast enough to decode DVDs, and so it might work as a server, so I bought it. Unfortunately the DVD-ROM was a retrofit. :-(

Still though, it’s a K6-2 500, with 96MB RAM and an 8GB hard disk - it’ll do for a browsing/homework machine for the kids once I’m done cleaning all the crap off of it. I’m putting a copy of Windows 2000 on it, because the only software I legitimately own any more is that and Win98SE, and I can’t find the Win98SE disc. They’re both abandoned by Microsoft now anyway, so it’s pretty irrelevant a choice.

Sabriena’s sister and future-brother-in-law arrived this morning, so I’ve been working on introducing her puppy to our dogs, and it’s slow going. The little upstart keeps growling and trying to assert herself - which Ruby is fine with (as usual) but Destiny, being the current alpha female isn’t having any part of it. Looks like our dogs are going to be on-leash in our own house for a few weeks. :-(

Montpelier, IN 47359, USA



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Montpelier, IN 47359, USA

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