Bush… begone…

Now that we have the ability to tow the trailer again, we can finally do some of the things we’ve been putting off!

First order of business: the giant bush in the back yard. There’s a few of them, but one in particular occupies about four cubic meters, the dog consistently manages to lose her toys under it, and it just looks terrible. We want to reclaim that section of garden for lawn to maximize play area, and then put raised garden beds in around the back, but first… it’s got to go.

So on Saturday I set about pulling it all apart. I cut it up first, leaving only a stump, which went very quickly. So I loaded the trailer, again, didn’t take long, but long enough that I had about an hour before the tip closed and I didn’t feel like going that night.

Up bright and early on Sunday, checked what time the tip opened… 10am, so I fucked about a bit until then and then started thinking about it. That turned out to be pretty dumb, because I forgot that we got a modern “flat 7” trailer socket put on the car, and our trailer has the old “seven in a circle” trailer plug. I have an adaptor for this, because the VT had the same socket… but where the fuck is it?

No kidding, I spent about 90 minutes looking for the bloody thing, before giving up and going to Super Cheap to buy a solution. I wasn’t about to buy another adaptor, because I have one, but I figured I could rewire the trailer to avoid the need for an adaptor anyway (on my todo list since we bought it, sometime before we moved out of Shirley St), so bought the bits for that. Came home, got changed to get ready to do it, set about looking for the tools I need… and found the adaptor under some papers while grabbing a screwdriver.

God damn it.

Hooked everything up, round to the tip… $7AUD and about 10 minutes later and it’s empty.

Put everything back, then went to use our new shovel, pick, and crowbar to try get the stump out. We have it definitely moving, but it’s not free yet and I’m absolutely tore up… so a job for another day methinks.

Update: 2022-05-07: With Beanie’s help, I managed to dig out another stump that was nearby as well. That’ll mean when we reclaim that area for grass, I won’t have to worry about catching the mower-blades on it. The Bunnings rake I bought is a piece of shit, but we’re mostly spreading the soil out now and trying our best to collect up the bark mulch to relocate it. I may relocate the rocks tomorrow as well, but it might be a bit early for that.

The damn dog keeps digging holes in the new, fresh soil. :|

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