Drive-in, again!

I didn’t write about the last one, but this would be our third year attending the drive-in movie at the Horsham Showgrounds. The first year was in May, then last year I believe was closer to October (we saw Zootopia), and now tonight we saw Despicable Me 3. Each time the drive-in comes around it’s to support some sort of cause, what the others were escapes me but tonight was Duncan’s primary school.

We opted to, as usual, buy dinner then arrive early to ensure a good spot. This almost worked too well, as this time we were right in front of the screen (off from the center by one car), but this meant (or perhaps the owners of the movie company saw my previous complaint about the screen being too low and raised it) that the screen was too high unless I laid my seat well back, and certainly Duncan couldn’t see from the back seat, but he sat on Sabriena’s lap anyway.

We also bought popcorn, and I bought a sausage in bread because it was a buck and had onions. We forgot to bring water, so we bought a couple of those as well, but it’s all for fundraising and we spent less than $40 total for the entire night out, so compared to what a trip to the theatre costs, I can’t really complain.

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