Happy Halloween! (modulo pandemic)

It’s Halloween, arguably my favourite holiday and with two familial exceptions and possibly the exception of the Chalupa just about the best thing to come out of North America. Unfortunately, we’re mid-pandemic again, which means this poor child is screwed again. We were discussing it today, and I don’t think he’s ever had a good one - his very first halloween, as an infant, was freakishly cold and we headed home early. His second, we were all teed up and then his pediatrician decided that because he was underweight, he must go to Riley Hospital in Indiana, immediately, no it could not wait until tomorrow, head there now or we call CPS (and they actually did, in what may have been the world’s most idiotic CPS case where even the caseworkers thought it was stupid).

Not long after that we left to come to Australia, where they don’t really do Halloween at the best of times but doubly-so in rural areas where my folks lived, and we were touring around for a lot of it. We moved to Horsham and for a time they were trying to make a go of it, with folks getting together and organizing a map, but the houses being so sparse that driving around was a must. Then this bloody pandemic started!

So we decided that regardless of what happened, trick-or-treating was off the table this year due to the pandemic (just as well, as it was a bust), so we just got a small bucket and some candy to put in it and planned to just make Duncan trick-or-treat his own house. Then he had a friend over, so we grabbed another bucket so they could both do it.

It ended up being a pretty good weekend, Sabriena wanted to bake a cake and the kids ended up helping, and then by the end of the night Sabriena had basically started digging out the boxes of Christmas decorations (her favourite holiday by a wide margin).

We’re still in negotiations for the degree to which we’ll skip Thanksgiving this year - I want my goddamn yams and pumpkin pie!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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