Technicolor TG587n Lock up

We woke up this morning to no internet access on our mobile phones - which sucks because if I’d received a ticket overnight I’d likely not have been notified. Mum and Dad’s house is made of quite thick blue stone, which pretty much slaughters GSM signals and it’s not surprising we didn’t have 3G data, but no WiFi? What’s going on?

After a bit of deliberation I realize that the old Telstra gateway (TG587n re-badged for Telstra) we’re using as a Switch and a WAP has ceased functioning as the latter - the¬†switch¬†portion is obviously still working because my desktop still has access via the FreeBSD router. But no WiFi at all.

After a bit of messing around, I replaced it with Dad’s old NetGear WAP/Router (after turning off the DHCP server on it so it functions correctly in our configuration) and we were back up and running, so I turned my attention to the Technicolor.

After performing a hard reset on the thing (or so I thought), it came back up but still kept the settings (including no DHCP server enabled). I’m not entirely sure what happened - I power-cycled the thing and everything and it still wouldn’t come on, but holding the reset button in for a few seconds while power cycling it seems to have done the trick (and hasn’t nuked the settings like I thought it would).

Now I’m not sure whether to connect it back up or just leave the old one.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia fwaggle



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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