Up to Parkes

So it turns out in the ISRI seats in the van, you bounce around sufficiently to trip the pedometer in a FitBit. Because of this, and the vast changes in altitude going up to Bendigo, I earned a heap of badges on Fitbit that I don’t actually deserve. It doesn’t look like there’s a way to reset them either. :(

I’ve since learned to put it on charge while driving the van (interestingly, driving the Cruze doesn’t trip it), which is a bit of a pain since I have to remember to grab it when I get out. I also miss out from the heart rate monitoring during that time as well.

The trip up to Parkes was uneventful, but I can really see my heart’s not into this. I just paid for three more years of my accreditation, but I’m seriously considering selling the van and doing something else with my time.

Parkes, NSW, Australia fwaggle



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Parkes, NSW, Australia

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