Office lights: Ugh!

A while back, I found, bookmarked, and linked to an open-firmware equivalent of the Tuya RGB light controller I’d found. I somehow managed to, despite looking at it several times, buy the wrong one… indeed, including the one I linked to earlier, it’s a WS-2812b LED controller, which if you’re not aware (and I should have been, I definitely knew this in the past) is addressable RGBs.

The one I need is this one - a subtle difference, but very obvious when you actually look at it.

Anyway, I’m about $30 down the toilet from my own screw-up. I thought briefly about how it’d be kinda neat to be able to do the different shelves different colors or whatever, but the absolute cheapest place I can find 2812 RGB tape was 5M of it for A$130 on ebay. Considering buying a couple more RGB controllers will set me back just $30, and I already have 10 meters of non-addressable tape, I decided to go with a single setting for now.

I did, briefly, prior to reordering, crack one of them open to have a look at what outputs they had. My thinking is that if it’s got sufficient outputs, I could just solder in the connector from the Tuya one, flash it with the correct firmware, and be happy! Unfortunately there’s only really one output on it - a digital output, and the VCC and GND are passed through directly from the power supply. Damn it.

Ahh well, I’ll find a use for these at some point!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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