Almost Ready!

I’ve successfully configured the sitemap.xml generator which I think was the last thing on my todo list before I push this site live on my domain.

The git repository for the sources is a bit of a mess, because I shifted some stuff around, but it’ll rapidly fade into history. I’ve also got a lot of mis-escaped characters from the conversion that I’ll get around to fixing one day, along with a few mal-formed image tags. They’re mostly in historical entries so they’re not super important.

I still want to write some helper scripts for creating new entries to cut out some of the work, and there’s still a few things I want to try and do with the template engine.

Lots of fun though.

Update: I’ve done a heap of work on it, including getting gzipped files uploaded and adding a map image to the pages. It’s starting to come along nicely. For some reason S3Sync seems to be really dodgy at setting a few of the headers, I’ll have to investigate if there’s a better way (if I don’t set content-encoding: gzip, your browser spews the gzipped data at you).

I’ve set up caching properly, but for some reason Google PageSpeed seems to think I haven’t.

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Horsham, VIC

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