Budapest!My new employer is paying for a week for quite a few of us in Hungary, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that despite the fact I was only hired a few weeks prior, I’d be included in that group too.

I met my coworker Raam (who I’m still racking my brain trying to work out where I know the name from, hope I wasn’t a dick to him earlier in life!) in Doha, Qatar, as we had the same connecting flight from there to Budapest. Doha airport was nice enough, and you don’t realize how effective the airconditioning is until you go outside. It’s a very long walk to get anywhere around there too, I think the main terminal wing must be like a mile long (it wasn’t until I was on the way back that I realized there was a train inside the airport).

Jetlag hasn’t quite hit yet, but I can feel it working it’s magic… I’m trying to hang out until a reasonable bedtime before I crash… I’ve spent about 30 hours on a plane or in an airport and I reckon I’ve slept for about four of those.

I was pretty unimpressed with Telstra roaming when I first got here: it’d only connect for about 10 seconds then cut off to “emergency calls only”. After checking into the hotel, I decided on a whim to remove and replace the SIM card and it seems to have been fine since, so I guess just this once any blame on Telstra’s part was misplaced.

The room they put me up in is pretty lovely, it’s a legit little apartment, with free wifi (which will help stop burning up that precious 600MB of roaming data quota I’ve got, if I can remember to not upload photos/videos until I get back), and it’s right around the corner from the office which is good.

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Budapest, Hungary

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