House clean up

We have a house inspection scheduled for the end of the month again, so naturally it’s my time to freak out about all the things that are untidy around the place. The shed in particular looks like a bomb went off, so Friday afternoon and this morning I resolved to do something about that.

The BSA is on hold at the moment for financial reasons, so a logical first place is to start cleaning it up. I put the seat back together, collected all the bits and pieces up, and wrapped it in the plastic our bed came in. So on the whole, it looks like a properly stored motorcycle than a project in progress, and then I moved it into the corner of the shed until the next time I get around to working on it.

Next I had to stuff the tent back in the bag, because I’d left it out as I’d intended to air it out a bit more but the weather for doing that has long since escaped us. Putting the tent back in it’s bag is always a substantial ordeal (it’s an “instant-up” tent, so putting it back in the bag is about 10x the effort of putting the thing up) but I’m seriously out of practice at doing that. We’ll have to go camping when spring gets here, I’m dying for it.

Next up this morning, rearranging all the tools on the work bench, putting all the fluid containers in one place, and throwing away various bits of garbage. Then finally using the blower vac to vacuum up all the leaves and shit that blew in under the door, and the task is done.

I still need to weed the front, pick up all the dried up leaves from the miniature palm tree, and trim the vines on the hedge-like thing down the driveway and we should be all set. But I’ll still freak out, I’m sure.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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