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Yesterday was my van’s appointment with the mechanic, which Sabriena and I managed to forget. The mechanic’s wife rang me up just before lunch and reminded me - whoops! Turned out okay, their morning was completely full so it didn’t actually waste any of their time (apparently) but I still felt like an asshole for forgetting (despite the fact we wrote it down in three separate places).

It finally got it’s transmission service: hideously expensive lubricant that was likely coming due when I bought the van, and is definitely overdue now.

I also had them replace the front struts because one was weeping a while back, but I noticed recently that I’m starting to chew out the insides of the tires and assumed that the dodgy struts were to blame.

Turns out that doing the front end wheel alignment afterwards, they found that they just couldn’t get the caster (I think?) to come correct, and recommended I try to find a place that specializes in light truck suspension. The mechanic suggested Tatiara trucks in Bordertown - seriously out of our way.

Dad spoke to our Mercedes Benz dealer, who recommended Doherty Clark in Sebastopol - turns out Dad’s actually been there before and they come rather highly recommended.

So on Monday I’ll have to ring them up an arrange a time to get it over there. The tires on the front side are almost chewed out on the corners, but I can’t really be too upset - I’ve gotten over 60,000KM out of them and they’re absolute cheapest of the cheap Nan Kang tires, under half the price of the Toyos I was running before.

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Horsham, VIC

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