Duncan is back to Skylanders

Duncan has been annoying the shit out of us wanting to play Skylanders again. The problem? He only had Skylanders for PS3, which isn’t hooked up at the moment. So I decided a while back that if he worked really hard in school and got a good report from his teacher at his parent-teacher interview, we’d get him the game for PS4. I was originally going to buy him Swap Force pre-owned, to save a bit of money… but after doing some careful investigation, K-Mart had Trap Team for about $9 more than a used copy of Swap Force. Why bother?

Anyway, he got an absolutely glowing review from his teacher. I’m absolutely rapt in his development so far. So we went out and bought him the game, and he’s been playing it ever since.

What is really impressive though is his attention to detail and committing things to memory. He watched Stampy play Trap Team for weeks prior to getting it, and when he started playing he’d already memorized most of the puzzles already.

We also started giving him an allowance a while back (instead of just deciding whether to buy something for him or not at the Opp shops), and lately he’s been saving it. He’d have been up to $21 this weekend, so on Friday we paid him early so he could go buy some stuff for it. He worked out that he could afford three traps, so he figured out which ones he wanted based off the villains he wanted to catch, and bought the traps accordingly. We did have to talk him out of buying a Kaos trap, since he hasn’t reached the point in the game of being able to use it and I think five is a bit young to learn that degree of buyer’s remorse.

We also bought Sabriena The Witcher 3 yesterday as well, so we’ve lots of stuff to play now.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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