We survived a family get together…

To my darling wife Sabriena, there are very few things more horrifying than a family reunion - her family is very tight-knight and almost don’t speak to any of her extended family for one reason or another. Due to requests though, Mum organized a “little” family get-together down in the teeny tiny town of Bayles (because it’s close to where my Grandmother lives).

All in all, I think about 40 people showed up and it was quite a surreal experience. A few of my cousins haven’t changed much from how I remember them - mostly the older ones, along with aunts and uncles and so on. It was quite mind-blowing to meet kids like “baby taylor”, who was about Duncan’s age when I left and is now a teenager.

Most of the kids spent the day bashing on the old upright piano that was in the hall we rented, which made conversation a little difficult depending on where you were standing (and one managed to get their hand stuck in the keyboard cover) but other than that and the sweltering humidity everything was great.

It took Duncan a bit, but he opened up quite well and was running around by the end of it all. We took the camera, but managed to leave it in the car all day which was a little bit silly, so there’s no photos of the occasion. It wasn’t as traumatic as we thought it’d be either.

Bayles, VIC



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Bayles, VIC

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