VE SS: Rear-view mirror

Last week, we had a furniture delivery, and part of it was too large to fit via the front door (something I wish to rectify when we eventually replace the front door, but alas that’s very far down our list of priorities), so it had to come in through the garage. But the VE was in the way to do that, and since the truck was already in the driveway, I figured I’d back it out through the rear door.

Long story short, for the first time in nearly two years since we’ve lived here, one of us (and it was me) managed to catch a mirror on the edge of the garage bricks… not a bad effort considering it’s quite tight a squeeze, but alas, it finally happened.

The mirror housing bounced and was fine, but the mirror itself cracked to shit making it impossible to see out of. It also made the car potentially unroadworthy (I’m really not sure), and as we were heading out for Easter I did not want to risk it, so after ringing the local wreckers they suggested just having the local glass mob cut one to fit. Hey that sounds great, they quoted the price at $25, so I had them do it.

“It won’t be perfect”, the guy said. “Oh, and it’ll be flat rather than convex.” I guess I can live with that? Left the removed mirror there, came back at the end of the day, paid $25, fitted it… I did not realize how much the lack of convex would bother me. I feel like I can’t see shit, and between it and having my confidence dashed, backing into the garage is quite the ordeal now.

So today, fuck it, out to the wreckers. Waited for him to pull one (wrong color, but the painted part pops off and I could put mine on, but I was hoping to just pop the electric part out and not have to replace the entire housing… oh and the first one he looked at was no good, the mirror flopped around due to one of the internal mounts being broken). It was $85, which in retrospect I should have just paid to help keep the car closer to original.

Replacing it was fairly straight-forward… I used one of my plastic panel tools to pop the painted part off both pieces, and essentially pushed the housing off the three ball+cup mounts, being careful not to break any of them (as that’s what was broken on the defective one at the wreckers, I believe). Unplug the wires, transfer it across, pop it back in, pop the painted panel back on, and away we go.

Much better.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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