Don’t Starve Together: Servers

The documentation for headless servers for this game is fucking awful.

Sabriena and her sister were playing this game during our stay in the USA, and she asked if I could set up a dedicated server for them. I had a look and the game supports Linux, and recently they added a “null renderer” which effectively gave you a headless dedicated server for it. So it should be easy enough to do, right?

I read two different guides, one on the wiki and one on Linode (there appears to be no official documentation), and both were wrong. Both mentioned setting up a server.ini (one in the “cluster directory”, and one in the game configuration directory itself), and the game summarily ignored both attempts. I couldn’t set a password, change the server name, or any of the other settings. I did manage to get the game server to start using the cluster key, so I knew I was looking in the right place.

In the end I ended up starting a server myself, locally, and trying to copy the configuration from that. When I did that I noticed that the settings I added were placed into a file called cluster.ini, so I simply made a couple of changes to that file and uploaded it to ~/.klei/DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1, and lo and behold the server worked as I’d expect it to.

By the way, the wiki mentions a workaround for Debian Wheezy, which links to files that are 404ed. Through the magic of git, you can pull them out of an old commit, such as:

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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