Still waiting on the Transit…

Unfortunately, we’re still mostly grounded. We snuck the van off for a “short” jaunt - a 720KM round-trip to do both parts of the course for my accreditation over the course of two days. The van actually ran moderately well for those trips, but it was still pretty stressful.

The local Ford guy still has to wait for a few more emails and read more on the technical bulletins to try and figure out what’s going on, but it’s looking like the problem may not be fuel related at all and may in fact be the pedal sensor (it’s drive-by-wire).

The good news is I passed the course with flying colours - I basically 100%ed the exam. There was one multiple-choice question where I picked two of four potential answers and only one of them was correct, but apparently I wasn’t penalized. I think that’s pretty neat, and it’s funny that in my thirties I finally have my first qualification and it has absolutely nothing to do with IT.

We passed up another job through SA, this time going across the Nullarbor, because of the shitty condition the van’s in. It turned out for the best, as Dad picked it up instead. He also knows the driver and the other pilot (who’s the driver’s wife), and then to make things even better Mum went with him.

I have absolutely no concerns about our chances of getting another crack at going across the Nullarbor and that’s not really the area I wanted to take a sick van anyway.

In our downtime, I’ve managed to get quite a bit of stuff done on MumbleDog, things that I’d been procrastinating for quite a while. I’ve made a flurry of commits to our new “beta” admin panel (unfortunately one of which breaks support for “non-beta” servers, but that’s okay as I want to phase those out anyway and I don’t think there was anyone using that panel with those servers), fixing a ton of bugs and just generally making things look and work a lot better.

It’s good to be back doing what I’m good at, but man I’d really like to go out and see some shit again.

Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia



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Red Lion VIC 3371, Australia

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