Long, long weekend

I’m utterly terrible at taking time off. My employer has an “unlimited PTO” (almost universally a scam, but my employer appear to be the rare exception - from top to bottom they seem determined to encourage folks to take more time off rather than less!), I know I should take time off, my manager and other higher-ups encourage it, but I’m still reluctant to do it. I swear, running a small business leaves you with actual brainrot.

Anyway, last month the information security issue was ablaze with a security issue in a Java library (CVE-2021-44228 et al), that was comical for about ten seconds until the actual exposure set in, and people realized that this might affect folks with it even many layers deep on their stack. Even though we had no real exposure to it, it was a lot of time and stress trying to be sure of that.

Between that, Christmas, and the fatigue that comes with being two years into a pandemic as a compulsive worry-wart, I was beat. So during one of our status meetings my manager straight up asked me what I was doing that was too important to take some time off, so immediately after the meeting I scheduled a Friday and the following Monday off, and that was this weekend.

I did almost nothing, and it was glorious. Duncan and I spent quite a bit of time playing Grand Theft Auto Online, we took Beanie on multiple walks, and I re-watched most of The Witcher.

I did have to come back in briefly to triage CVE-2022-0185, but with everything in place they mostly handled it without me, which I love. I faffed about with my Linux machine, just for fun. I barbecued sausages for dinner on Monday night.

I really, really need to make a conscious effort to do this more often.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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