Kumarina and Leonora

We left Newman late in the afternoon, accompanying a friendly truck driver as I’m still leery of mechanical problems associated with what my wife calls the “WA curse” (incidentally we also have a “NT curse”, wherein we are two-for-two for coming back with a broken vehicle). We made it as far as Kumarina, a picturesque little “town” consisting of a roadhouse complex with a bar and a restaurant and that’s about it.

Oh, and they have a calf in the pen out front at the moment.

I decided to hit the hay early, as Sabriena wasn’t feeling terribly well, but the truckie decided to have a shower and then a “few quiet drinks at the bar”. I got the distinct impression when he rolled out of bed the next morning at sunrise wearing sunglasses that I probably dodged a bullet not accompanying him. Apparently the locals are incredibly friendly and the bar closes at 11:30PM Perth time, which because of our short stay in WA means approximately 1:30AM according to our frame of reference.

We poked along pretty well, finally coming to rest at Leonora, which at least has more services than Menzies did on the way up. We had a low oil light come on periodically on the way down, and I came to the realization that I didn’t bring any extra oil with me. This curse will be the doom of us, I swear! After checking three different petrol stations and finding absolutely no one around who sold synthetic oil in a suitable grade for our motor, we ended up buying a liter of semi-synthetic “Shell Helix” at the Coles Express in Leonora, as the oil light was giving me the shits.

The van is due a service by the time we get home anyway.

Leonora WA 6438, Australia



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Leonora WA 6438, Australia

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