With COVID screwing things up multiple times, we never managed to actually make it out to Mum’s place for Christmas. We tried again in about February, but we were starting more lockdowns, Duncan’s school was rife with positive cases, and we just ended up deciding it wasn’t a good idea. We ended up postponing it until Easter, or sometime thereafter.

Mum rang a couple weeks ago to suggest that so it wasn’t so far to drive, that perhaps we could meet at Ararat instead, roughly half-way for everyone involved. This sounded pretty good to me, but a few days before, and having looked at the weather forecast, they decided to have everyone come out here instead… because my sisters hadn’t seen our house yet since we bought it. That’s even better from our perspective!

Beanie on the other hand… she hasn’t had much to do with houseguests at the best of times (we simply don’t have them), let alone having a good 8 extra people in the house, and my family are not the quietest bunch either. So we put her harness on just before everyone started arriving and then Sabriena spent probably about 25 minutes calming down the excitement enough where should could be let go of, and eventually after about an hour we took the harness off completely.

There was concern with Linda’s kids, who are around 2 and 4 I think? Beanie’s not exactly gentle with us when playing, waking us up, etc… she just plain doesn’t seem to know her size it seems. She also absolutely adores kids (from afar) so there was no keeping her away from them. But she turned out to do very well, was extremely gentle with them (if a bit “in your face” given they’re at the perfect height), and followed them everywhere.

I suddenly thought, mere days before, that I wasn’t sure what we were going to feed everyone, so I ended up just barbecuing sausages… which I managed to dodge the rain for the most part and do outside, otherwise they’d be fried sausages. We also bought two things of pasta salad, but since everyone brought food anyway there was heaps left over.

On the whole it was a real nice day, though the dog was absolutely shot at the end of it and I think it ended up taking her a couple of days to fully recover. We’ll have to do it more often though. If only we could cure her of the dog-to-dog reactivity!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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