Old Posts Resurrected

Because I’ve moved my primary journaling over here, I decided to go back through my old blog’s history and take some of the posts that I liked and bring them here.

I didn’t bring all of them by any stretch - most entries were the “random thought” affairs, which I’m going to try and avoid this time around.

It was fun reading through my old entries, seeing old pictures and videos of Duncan when he was itty bitty.

I’ve also started coarsely geo-tagging my posts here, because there’s a possibility we might be heading to Australia soon, and I thought tagging each post would make out easier to tell where we were.

I still have a few older posts from my old S9y blog that I think I want to dig up from backups, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to that. Most of them are anecdote style entries that I really don’t care enough to write out again, but I’m not even sure where the backup is kept any more as it’s been about four years.

Montpelier, IN, USA



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Montpelier, IN, USA

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