Hello, Xbox One!

Many moons ago I picked up some really cheap Xbox consoles, mainly so that I could play the exclusives that I missed due to being exclusively PlayStation and PC for much of that era. The 360 died a couple years later, as they are wont to do, and I never got around to replacing it or attempting a repair (it may just be the power supply in this case, but I’m not sure). Unfortunately for me, most folks selling a used X360 want way more than I want to spend on it. The OG Xbox died later too, but I was able to repair that one.

But a couple weeks ago, I saw someone selling an Xbox One (predictable, as the Series is now out and somewhat readily available)… in particular an Xbox One X, which is the high-end 4K model. Since the Xboxes are pretty good at backwards compatibility I figured that’d be a reasonable way to play the 360 games I have, but it was much too expensive for my tastes. It sat there for a couple weeks, and I figured it’d been sold, but then I noticed they’d dropped the price on it almost low enough for me to be interested. So after umming and ahhing, and asking some friends advice on Discord, I sent a lowball offer and ended up picking it up this morning.

I didn’t realize until I went to pick it up that the Minecraft Pig controller it came with is actually fairly desirable, and replacement cost on eBay is pretty nuts so I’d ended up doing really well, completely unintentionally… I just didn’t want to blow all my fun budget right before Christmas.

Got home and set it up, and I haven’t tested if it reads Xbone games as I don’t have any, but it reads 360 games and I was able to play Skate 3 again finally. I then remembered that Sabriena currently has the GamePass on her PC, so we added her account to the Xbox and I was able to play those games too… so in the brief moments of spare time I had during the day I played Nier Automata and Halo Infinite for a time, along with the remake of Destroy All Humans which I’m pretty sure we had for PS2 but I never played it.

Complaints? The Xbone doesn’t seem to support HDMI-CEC. If it does, it’s buried in a menu somewhere and I don’t know how to enable it. It also doesn’t seem to have a way to throttle downloads without starting a game, which is pretty shit.

But other than the Series, I now have a full complement of Xboxes again.

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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