Marriage… it could be worse! :D

Whew! Anyway, now that’s out of the way, I’ve decided to start a new post to clear the air of any negativity, before I discuss my own marriage. My wife and I just passed through our 8th marriage anniversary - and it was a train wreck. From the dogs escaping into the kitchen to eat the cake my wife was baking, to me burning the rice that was to go with our special dinner… the exhaust falling off the car… if there was something that could have gone wrong, it did.

As the day wound to a close I had to remind myself that it’s not all that bad, after all, as they say, “it could be worse”. My wife and I have been through a lot together, and I think in some ways going through a bunch of bad situations early on in marriage prepares you for when things get a little “rough” - when everything’s in perspective, a dog eating something, or burning dinner one night… it really doesn’t seem so bad.

We still have our health and a place to sleep at night. A cake can always be remade, there’s always another night for dinner (it still tasted pretty good anyway!), and a vehicle can always be repaired. So here’s to 8 years down, working on number nine and looking good for a decade! :D

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Montpelier, IN 47359, USA

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