well.. i’m bored. really bored. i did this quite a while ago, but i only just got around to posting about it now. i don’t think everyone finds it as funny as i did, it had me in stitches :(

speaking of having me in stitches, there’s a couple of nice texts in kleptic’s brand new zine - outbreak. i rock - i’m hosting two ezines on my website! which reminds me, i have to format and package the DoJ pretty soon. i’ll try get on that as soon as possible.

well, me and old scratch have been working on hungryhacker.org quite a bit as of late, which is really elite because old scratch has a rockin slackware linux box and it lets me write cgi code in c - which is fun as hell.. perl just isn’t fun any more, but i’m going to redo the backend to this site, which is probably going to be in perl anyway :(

well.. i was a clumsy oaf this weekend. i dropped something heavy on my foot, and mashed my toe. it looks all gnarly. perhaps i will take a photo of it when no one’s looking at the digital camera. then, i cut my finger on the side of the mirror. then, when we were fuckin around wrestling, i got thrown into a brick wall. on the bright side though, i did get two free dell boxes. they’re 166mmxs.. and they’ll do nicely to upgrade the 386 and the 486 on my network.. i’m thinking about putting novell netware on the 486 box. well.. i’m going to cook dinner now. have fun.

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Sacramento, CA, USA

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