Physio: update

I’ve been seeing a physio every couple weeks for a while now, and today’s phone call was officially the last session! TL;DR: everything’s good, but I do have to be careful in the future.

Once we’d rested it for a time with the brace, I moved into taking it off regularly to shower. With the tendons warmed up from the hot water, I would both glide the thumb across my palm to loosen up the tendons, and begin flexing the wrist to get back some of the articulation I lost in very short order.

After a few weeks of this, we began going without the brace, using K-tape to prevent some of the more problematic articulation, and to continue using the brace if I do anything that might cause aggravation, but for the most part I ditched the brace quite quickly as it was becoming a bit of a pain (not helped by I believe I got bit by an ant under it in my sleep, woke up to an excruciating itch and a couple of pinch marks at the base of my thumb). Oh, and I was also doing static, isometric exercises, under strict instructions that it should not hurt or ache.

Next, it was on to dynamic excercise, and that’s pretty much where I’m at now. I’m able to get back out into the gym, though the habit is thoroughly gone and it’ll take some discipline to get it back… it’s very difficult to get out of bed early enough to have time to get out there before work!

I still occasionally wake up with it being achy, and I pay a lot of attention to the ergonomics of things I do, so hopefully I can avoid any further injury. Now to try sort out the ergonomics of my spine!

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Horsham, VIC, Australia

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